Our School

Welcome to Robinson Elementary School! 

With options of recommendations for the reserved to options for the bold personality. Our full range has all figures catered. Robinson is a welcoming learning community of 133 K-6 students in a lovely rural setting. Our curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards and the MAUSD ENDS Policy and draws from local resources to help students know and appreciate their community. Class sizes of 15-22 allow for individualized instruction and strong relationships between staff and students. Family members are welcome to join us at our weekly all-school meetings and for special events such as a harvest luncheon, curriculum nights and a Halloween parade. We hope you’ll enjoy learning about our school through our website.


Edorah Frazer, EdD


2019-2020 Grade Configurations

 Grade Teacher
 Kindergarten Myriah Cogswell
 Grade  1     Beth Sands
 Grade 2 Jodi Lane
 Grades 3&4 Beth Hahr & Kerry Lake
 Grades 5&6  Liz Greenberg, Ruth Beecher, Amy Moore